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Here are some articles on education you might find worth reading:

How Handwriting Trains the Brain

I’ve been arguing for years that the computer keyboard will become increasingly irrelevant over the next decade. That will make handwriting matter more even at this very low utilitarian level. This article indicates that it has some value where it matters most as well: at the humane level of developing the child’s human faculties. HT Renee Mathis

Study Challenges ‘Idiosyncratic’ High School Reading Selections

Students need to practice close reading of texts and Twilight and Harry Potter aren’t good enough. Not understanding the power of the trivium or the mimetic mode of teaching, the article’s interviewees fall into false dichotomies.

Will the Real Effective Teacher Please Stand Up?

On the futility of decontextualized education research (which includes almost all of it)

Tough as Nails, but Always Ready for a Bearhug

Tough, intimate, and visionary – a portrait of a head of school in New York.

Why National Standards Won’t Fix American Education: Misalignment of Power and Incentives

A Heritage Backgrounder.

Loose Language

It’s amusingly concerning to watch our language grow and deteriorate at the same time and to be handled by language specialists are so driven by the fear of appearing to know truth that they can’t escape the utilitarian stranglehold. This article offers a bit of balance on one of the most delicate questions to which any culture has constantly to attend.

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