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Erick Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn turns 100!

I learned today that July 31 was the centenary of the birth of Erick Von Kuenneldt-Leddihn, EKL for short.

EKL was an Austrian who took a hard look at world history and was cranky enough to be honest about what he saw going on. For example, he reviewed Marx’s principles and listed 19 features of a Marxist society. Rather than fear offending people, he simply revealed the historical facts. I listed some of these principles in a couple earlier posts because EKL is the sort of writer who demands that you think about what he says – or else just be offended and walk away foolish.

He made two points that I’ll indicate here for your consideration. First, the 20th century saw the rejection of the “patriarchal” state. EKL suggests that it was replaced by the maternal state. The difference?

In a patriarchal state, the citizens are treated like adults who can take care of themselves. In the maternal state, the citizens are treated like needy children.

The second is a direct quote from his book, The Intelligent American’s Guide to Europe:

[W]hat is desperately needed is the return of quality; we must restore minimal government of the highest quality, whereas democracy tends to establish maximal government of the lowest quality.

Due to its shortsightedness, democracy is a form of government that can convince itself that it is defending and promoting freedom while establishing a bureaucracy and system of regulations unlike anything the Caesar’s would ever have dreamed of. It makes me wonder…

Anyway, happy centenary to the K-L family and the Austrian Empire he loved. Read his Leftism Revisited next time your intellectual torpor allows you to believe that America was ever a perfect nation.

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