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Who’s More Powerful, The Rich Merchant or the Poor Desk?

“Unless they are granted power by politicians, rich people have little power to force us to do anything. A GS-9, or a lowly municipal clerk, has far more life-and-death power over us. It’s they to whom we must turn to for permission to build a house, ply a trade, open a restaurant and a myriad of other activities. It’s government people, not rich people, who have the power to coerce and make our lives miserable.”

Booker Rising quoting Walter Williams. This is an interesting point, but do you think it’s true? Certainly, I agree that government bureaucracies spend a lot of time crippling the economy because of petty fights over who gets the cherry desk and who gets the pine. But is it possible that they can have more power over us than people with great wealth?

And furthermore, does this affect how we teach children or the expectations we set for them?

One last thought: the great modern enemy of the human soul is not government, it is bureaucracy. That stretches far beyond government and misleads us every step of the way.

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