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CiRCE on Steroids

About two weeks ago I injured myself washing the dishes. My back went into spasm, so I put it on ice, lay down for a while, and finally went to the doctor. He put me on medication to relax the muscles and has set me up for an MRI. And what a medication it was. My doctor put me on steroids!

On Saturday I took my last pill, so now they’re working their way out of my system, but what an experience. For ten days my back hardly hurt at all, my appetite was ravenous, and I felt amazingly vigorous. I’ve decided moving forward that twice a year I’ll put my back out, get the steroids, and do a year’s worth of work in those three or four weeks!

What most amazed me was the energy. I’ve always struggled to stay energized because chronic back pain takes so much out of you. But without energy, nothing gets done. About a year ago a friend gave me a book called Juice, the argument of which is that in business everything depends on energy and energy in a business is maintained by communication. That got me applying this idea to CiRCE, asking how to keep the communication flow with and through CiRCE energetic. It also got me thinking about schools and how to keep the energy moving in that context. It also applies to family. In fact, it applies to every organization or community.

Communication energizes us. It’s that simple.

Broken communication de-energizes, demoralizes, us.

At CiRCE we’ve developed an analytical tool for the well being of a community or institution. We call it the 11 Dynamics and use it to identify breakdowns, confusions, shortfalls, and other problems within our own operations.

The 11 dynamics must work together to sustain and support three interactive outcomes, each of which has a symbiotic relationship with the other two. They are, 1. money, 2. energy, and 3. goodwill.

In other words, the 11 dynamics, when optimized, lead to a healthy cash flow. The resources gathered in the cash flow are used (when intelligently used) to sustain the energy of the people in the institution. The energy is then intelligently directed to secure the goodwill of the people served by the school/business/organization. When an organization earns the goodwill of its constituents, those consituents support the ministry of the organization and cash flow is improved.

You can see that cash flow is never an adequate measure of the well-being of an institution, so we are trying to figure out ways to measure energy without undercutting or redirecting it by the analysis. Energy and goodwill transcend the measurable.

If you are interested in learning about these 11 dynamics and applying them in your school or organization or even in your own private life, give us a call at (704) 786-9684. We’d love to discuss it with you some more. Is your schools spine misaligned? Do you have a ruptured disk? Chronic aches and pains? Discouraged and lethargic limbs? You can get your school on steroids too! Better yet, we can help you align your energies toward a common vision and avoid these chronic pains altogether.

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