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Going to College

Thomas Sowell comments on college admissions:

“one of the tragic misconceptions of many students and their parents is that you have to go to a prestigious, big-name academic institution to really get ahead and reach the top…..Stop and think: What is an academic institution’s prestige based on? Academic prestige is based mostly on the research achievements of the faculty.”

He points out that these prestigious universities also play games with young people’s emotions to maintain their status as prestigious schools. They urge students to apply to their schools, convincing young people that they belong at Harvard or Yale, only to reject them upon application. Why? Because their status as prestigious universities in the eyes of the reviewers depends on the number of students they reject. Yet another perversity in the scam that is American schooling.

Don’t try to get into the best college. Instead, find a calling to which you can give your life and give your life to it. Find the mission God has called you to, then choose a college that will help you fulfill it.

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