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dorm brothel unvisited

An acquaintance is a freshman in college this year and I have begun to receive, indirectly, reports from the front. The most disturbing so far was when this acquaintance, a girl, spent one of her first nights afraid to leave her room even to go to the bathroom because her roommates had brought some subhumans in who despised the divine image and were doing everything they could to prove they didn’t have one including treating the other girls like beasts in heat and copulating with them noisily till somewhere between late and early.

However, progress is being made and at least one of the beasts in heat has recovered something of her humanity. She is hearbroken because after three nights with the same guy, she had made the mistake of developing feelings for him.

Dating has become hooking up and hooking up has become catch and release.

After three nights, another of my boys’ friends’ (I’ll call her Sophia from here on) roommates confided something peculiar to her. “We were trying to have sex,” she told her of the latest rendezvous in the brothel Sophia has been compelled to live in, “but he kept spitting up blood.” It seems he was so drunk he was non-functional and dysfunctional.

I fail to see the benefits of this mode of living. I cannot imagine how low these poor children’s self-respect must have sunk.

It is clear that colleges have no leadership that actually, practically cares about students enough to intervene on their behalf. The RA’s are as sexually perverted (that is what this behavior is called, in case anybody has forgotten, that and bestial) as the other students. Parents are kept in the dark. The administrators know what is going on. But our intellectual leadership genuinely believes that this sort of perverted self-loathing life is something akin to liberty. They read Marcuse and his dripping derivatives like he is the new gospel.

And the stupidest people of all in this regard are, forgive me father, for I am probably sinning, the stupidest people are the feminists who think these debased and shamed girls on campus are liberated. The girls are the victims. They are paying the greatest emotional and physical price. But we are so committed to our cultural suicide that we call the sexual revolution that we still say women and children first, but now we mean the exact opposite of what they used to mean.

If you read this and are a college alumnus and don’t inquire into what is happening to the girls on your alma mater (!) campus, you are implicated in this derangement. You are part of it. The only thing that can stop this destruction of souls is the intervention of alumni and others who support the schools. College leaders are generally cowards who cannot imagine standing on a principle if their whole world is water. But they are terrified of losing their status. So challenge it.

We have one more generation of freedom left, and then all will be lost. But nobody will know because they will be drunk, filled with STD’s, and college educated.

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